Coach Jill Farmer

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Once upon a time, Master-Certified Coach Jill Farmer was an Emmy Award-winning TV news anchor and journalist whose life was a never-ending hamster wheel of stress. She left the fast-paced world of TV journalism at the height of her career to prioritize her family… and she lived happily ever after. 

Well, not exactly.

Jill is a go-go-go-getter by nature, so she quickly transferred all of that energy into building and leading charitable organizations, which put her right back on the hamster wheel of stress.

Why does this keep happening to me? she wondered. So, she followed her journalistic curiosity to dig deep into the mechanisms of stress, workaholism, and busyness, which led to master certification as a time and stress management coach.

Jill wrote the book on coaching crazy-busy professionals. Literally. It’s called There’s Not Enough Time…and Other Lies We Tell Ourselves, which debuted as a bestseller on Amazon. Her work has been featured everywhere from Inc. to Fitness Magazine to The Washington Post’s Timehacker series on time management.

Nationally recognized as a “brilliant time optimizer and life maximizer,” Jill parlayed her dynamic TV personality into coaching, captivating audiences at the American Academy of Cardiology and Harvard Medical School among others. Her workshop attendees consistently report “profound shifts” in thinking that transform the way they work and spend their time.

Trust the thousands of busy professionals Jill has successfully coached: She will cut straight to the heart of your stress to liberate you from its shackles.

Expect to walk away with real tools and a fresh mindset to:

  • Accomplish more of what matters in less time.

  • Stop destructive stress.

  • Get your brain working for you, not against you.

  • Get better organized to accomplish what really matters to you.

Book your sessions with Coach Jill Farmer

Single Session

One Time Coaching Session

Great for exploring a personal or professional challenge. In a one-time session we will:

Get clear on the outcome you’d like to create

Identify obstacles

Map out next steps to make progress toward your desired outcome


3 Sessions

Three Session Package:
(Three 60 minute sessions)

We will explore:

How to achieve what matters most to you

How to manage your stress so it doesn’t block your progress

Ideas for being productive instead of just busy

A roadmap for getting where you’d like to be


6 Sessions

Six Session Package:
(Six 60 minute sessions)

Over six sessions we will:

Create new ways to achieve what matters to you

Discover the best ways to manage stress and other obstacles to your success

Overcome overwhelm and create more possibility in your life

Support you in remaining accountable to your plan


In Jill's Own Words

"I love coaching doctors who are feeling stuck and overwhelmed. Often, I can give an outside perspective that will help you identify unhelpful patterns, capitalize on your strengths, and make simple, yet powerful shifts toward thriving.

I understand physicians are trying to do it all. We will nail down what really matters to you and navigate the best way to get there. My coaching style is fun, compassionate, yet clear and direct."

What Jill's Clients Say

“Working with Jill has been great to help me get focused on the specific ways I want to make a difference in the world and become a leader. Her coaching has helped me take some important and meaningful steps.”

Lilit Garibyan MD, PhD, Dermatologist

“Working with Jill can be invaluable when you’re feeling stuck or overwhelmed. Everyone can use a trusted thinking partner, at times, and Jill is one of the best.  Jill has made a huge difference in my life. I highly recommend working with her.”

A.G. MD Professor, Physician, Researcher

"Jill’s coaching has really helped me through some challenging times in my work and in my life. Every session with Jill moves me forward. When I’m feeling stuck, I know her practical wisdom, delivered directly (but always with kindness and humor) is really going to help.”


“A few sessions with Jill helped me make more progress than a couple of years in therapy. I needed someone else’s perspective to help me get clear on how I could create a career and life I wanted. Jill is really good at helping you see yourself and the possibilities in your life more clearly.”

R. David, PhD