Coach Gabriella Dennery, MD, OMC



  • Core Competencies for Life Coaching for Physicians, Physician Coaching Institute

  • Ordained (non-denominational) Minister of Spiritual Consciousness, Inner Visions Institute for Spiritual Development

  • Health and Wellness Coach Training - Wellcoaches School of Health and Wellness

  • Internal medicine residency, Duke University Medical Center, Durham N.C.

  • MD, Howard University College of Medicine, Washington D.C.

Life Coach Gabriella Dennery, MD OMD is passionate about helping busy physicians rediscover the joy of their calling. She draws on her training as a physician, a musician, and an ordained non-denominational minister in addition to health & wellness and life coaching to offer professionals from all walks of life the benefit of her broad experience and deep insights.

The daughter of a psychiatrist mother and a neurosurgeon father, both from Haiti, Gabriella and her five siblings were expected to choose from five noble callings: Medicine, Dentistry, Engineering, Law, or Agronomy (caring for the delicate soil of Haiti).

Gabriella, an innately gifted healer and teacher, chose Medicine and graduated with honors from Howard University College of Medicine, “The Mecca.” Following her residency in internal medicine at Duke University Medical Center, Gabriella moved to New York City to serve as an attending physician and clinical instructor in Harlem and later as medical director and attending physician at SUNY Downstate Bedford-Stuyvesant satellite clinic in Brooklyn.

Her greatest joy as a primary care physician was supporting her patients, shepherding them to Aha moments, and nurturing positive shifts in perspective that measurably improved their health and wellbeing–a strength that makes Gabriella so effective as a coach.

After more than ten years of practicing internal medicine, Gabriella chose to explore the integration of medicine, music, and ministry to promote better health of her fellow physicians by becoming a physician coach. She successfully coaches physicians to prevent and/or navigate through physician burnout, reach career and personal goals, clarify and take actionable steps to achieve their own personal vision, and is well known for helping doctors at all stages of their careers, from students to residents/fellows to practicing physicians.  She maintains her work-life balance by playing percussion and violin, composing music, and enjoying a very fun and fulfilling marriage.


  • Create an authentic action plan that works for you

  • Make your steps achievable, practical, and fun

  • Look at your own internal resistances with compassion and honesty

  • Develop new habits that honor and sustain your path forward

Book your sessions with Coach Dennery, MD

Single Session

One Time Coaching Session

Great for exploring a personal or professional challenge. In a one-time session we will:

Clarify the type and scope of the challenge

Coach around a specific topic related to that challenge

Outline your goals and immediate next steps


3 Sessions

Three Session Package:
(intro 60 minute session and two follow-up 45 minute sessions)

Let’s explore your vision for your next 6 to 12 months, where we will coach around:

What matters most to you

Define the goals you would like to achieve by the end of the three sessions

Assess your progress along the way, looking at obstacles and victories

Outline your next steps as you continue to pursue your goals


6 Sessions

Six Session Package:
(one 60 minute session and five 45 minute sessions with a stop and reflect session at session 4)

Let’s explore your long-term vision (2-5 years), your values, aspirations and inspirations. Over six sessions we will:

Clarify your next steps toward making your vision a reality

Explore what you would like to achieve by the end of the six sessions

Coach around goals, obstacles, and new ideas that come up

Support you in remaining accountable to your plan


In Gabriella's Own Words

"I coach healthcare professionals who are ready to put themselves first and create healthier ways to answer their calling.

I also work with healthcare professionals who are looking at a new career, or desire to redefine how they work in the field of medicine.

I partner with you to create and step into your vision, both personal and professional. When we work together, you will:

  • Create an authentic action plan that works for you
  • Make your steps achievable, practical, and fun
  • Look at your own internal resistances with compassion and honesty
  • Develop new habits that honor and sustain your path forward

What Gabriella's Clients Say

“Gabriella is a skilled, compassionate, and effective coach. Her experience as a physician, combined with her in-depth understanding for all things Spiritual give her a unique advantage and approach to coaching.  Gabriella knows firsthand the struggles, triumphs, and challenges a career in medicine takes us through, and has supported me countless times to navigate them with gentleness and grace. I am grateful for her.”

Kisha Hartwick, MD, OMC

"Gabriella made a profound and lasting impact in a short amount of time. When I was referred to Gabriella, I was getting sick frequently and my family and friends were getting concerned. I'd gotten so used to overworking myself that being sick and tired felt normal. Gabriella stands apart as a coach because of how deeply she cares, how authentic she is, and how carefully she listens, and pays attention to everything said, and unsaid. She's curious and leads with intention. Working with Gabriella made me feel like I was holding up a mirror that let me see me as the best version of myself. I was able to come to incredible realizations and make tangible changes as a result. I was comfortable confiding in Gabriella and always felt she wanted to see me get better and to succeed. She was patient and also knew when and how to push. She held me accountable. I appreciated her care, her honesty, and her humor as well. Gabriella is truly a gift."

- Jess Jardine-Lynch, LMSW

"Excellence, presence and skillful are the attributes of the coaching experience with Gabriella. I find her intentional focus on her clients supports the assessment of needs, desires and opportunities to heal and grow in things spoken and unspoken. Gabriella is knowledgeable in practices and tools to support the client and insightful in the application thereof, according to the situation. Her service is of integrity and commitment in excellence."

- Reverend Katherine Harold

Author, Public Speaker, Life Coach

"Gabriella is a great coach to work with! I appreciated her ability to connect quickly with me in mind and spirit and to ask deeper meaningful questions. She has incredible attentiveness to pick up on some of my nonverbal communication and made sure to use that insight to guide additional exploration. I left feeling better knowing that she served me well in discovering some solutions I had not thought of for the issue I was facing."

Russ Carpenter, DO